Violets (Viola) of Central and Eastern United States: An Introductory Survey


By Norman H. Russell

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Publication Date: 1965
Copyright © 1965 Botanical Research Institute of Texas
Specifications: 6"×9" (pbk), 113 pp., b/w figs.

About the Book

Contents. Key. 1) Group 1. Stemmed Blue Violets; 2)Group II. Stemless Blue Violets; 3) Group III. Stemmed Yellow Violets; 4) Group IV. Stemless White Violets; 5)Group V. Stemmed White Violets; 6) Group VI. Stemless Yellow Violets; 7) Group VII. Wild Pansies; 8) Group VIII.Miscellaneous. Excluded Species. References. Index to Scientific Names.