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Prescribed Grazing

Prescribed Grazing

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A Management Tool for Wetlands

Dan Caudle and David Daigle

Publication Date: 2016
Copyright © Dan Caudle and David Daigle
Specifications: 8.5"×11" (pbk, saddle stitch), 31 pp., color photos

About the Book

Prescribed Grazing: A Management Tool for Wetlands is an assessment of the ecological drivers and the natural and historic disturbance regimes of grazing and fire as they relate to the creation, evolution and maintenance of longleaf pine savanna, coastal marsh, coastal prairie, and other similar ecosystems with wetland components. Included are general descriptions of the three most historically significant vegetation types of the coastal plain, potential benefits of well managed grazing, relationship between grazing and wildlife habitat, importance of monitoring and documentation of vegetation, and stewardship of privately owned lands. Also included is information concerning a number of landowners, organizations and businesses which promote awareness and recognition of historical, cultural, and natural resources. Their collective efforts play an integral role in the preservation, conservation, maintenance, enhancement, and restoration of the critical natural habitats in the Gulf Coast region.  

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