The Mosses of Texas: A Manual of the Moss Flora with Sketches


Wm. F. Mahler

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Publication Date: 1980
Copyright © 1980 Botanical Research Institute of Texas
Specifications: 8.5"×11" (GBC spiral binding), 147 pp., 325 b/w figs.

About the Book

This was the first manual to be published for the mosses of Texas. The last treatment of the state's moss flora was an annotated catalogue twenty-five years earlier by Whitehouse and McAllister (The Bryologist 57[2]:53-146. 1954). This book is currently sold as a spiral-bound reprint. A perfect-bound, print-on-demand version is forthcoming.

Contents. Preface. Introduction. Vegetation Regions (map). Key to the Families. Sphagnidae. Bryidae. References. Glossary. Sketches. Index to Genera.