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Manual of Montana Vascular Plants, 1st Edition

Manual of Montana Vascular Plants, 1st Edition

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Peter Lesica

Contributions by Matt Lavin and Peter F. Stickney

Drawings by Debbie McNiel, Rich Adams, Claire Emery

ISBN-13: 978-1-889878-39-3

Publication Date: 30 June 2012
Copyright © Peter Lesica
Specifications: 6.5"×9.5" (pbk), 779 pp., 2000 + maps + 128 plates.

About the Book

Montana is the fourth largest state in the United States. It includes portions of the Northern Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains. The vegetation of Montana is diverse, due primarily to the size of the state and its great topographic relief, which provide strong variation in environmental factors. Montana has a relatively large flora for a northern continental region due to being at the intersection of the Cordilleran, Great Plains and Boreal floristic provinces. This book is a comprehensive field guide to the more than 2,500 species of Montana’s vascular plants. It contains descriptions as well as habitat and distribution information based on specimens housed at the state’s two major herbaria. Portraits or illustrations of diagnostic structures are provided for nearly one-third of the species. 

The second printing (2014) includes minor corrections and an errata page at the end of the book. For those who own the first printing, you may view and download the errata page here.

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