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Wild Flowers of the Canary Islands

Wild Flowers of the Canary Islands

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Authors: David Bramwell & Zoë Bramwell

SKU: 84-7207-129-4
UPC/ISBN: 84-7207-129-4

Publication Date: 2001
Copyright: Copyright © 2001 David Bramwell & Zoë Bramwell, © 2001 Editorial Rueda
Specifications: 2.6 lb (1100g), 6.75"×9.5" (paperback), 437 pp., 616 color photos, 150 dolor illustrations, maps

About the Book

The Canary Islands boast one of the richest and most unique floras in the world. This is the only book that covers all of the 650 species endemic to the islands, as well as all other naturally occurring plants. Wild Flowers is split into two sections, the first covering the history, origin, and use of the Canary flora and containing a guide to places of botanical interest. The second is a guide to the flora with keys and descriptions, followed by a glossary of botanical terms and an index to scientific and common plant names. This version is in English.

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